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What is Baclofen Tablet Used For? 

Baclofen tablet is used to ease muscle tightness and spasms in your body. It helps with cramps and stiffness caused by conditions like multiple sclerosis or specific spinal injuries. Baclofen tablets can be purchased online at, Nigeria, largest online pharmacy store. 

 Baclofen Tablet Ingredient  

it contains Baclofen as the active ingredient. Inactive ingredients include; pregelatinized starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and sodium starch glycolate. 

 How does Baclofen Tablet Work? 

Baclofen tablets are a muscle relaxant that treats muscle spasms, and it relaxes your muscles, which reduces muscle stiffness.  

 Baclofen Tablet Dosage  

Baclofen tablet takes 5–10 milligrams (mg) three times per day with or without food. 

 What are the sides of Baclofen Tablet? 

The side effects include; 

  • Vomiting  
  • Muscular hypotonia  
  • Drowsiness  
  • Accommodation disorders  
  • Coma  
  • Respiratory depression  
  • Seizures. 

 How quickly does the Baclofen Tablet Work? 

Baclofen tablet starts to work within 1 hour of using it.  

 Can Baclofen Tablet damage kidneys? 

 Baclofen tablet is a commonly prescribed muscle relaxant and is primarily excreted via the kidneys; toxicity is a potentially serious adverse outcome in patients with decreased kidney function 

 What happens if you take a Baclofen tablet on an empty stomach? 

It is recommended that baclofen tablet, a centrally acting muscle relaxant be administered with food or milk to minimize its gastrointestinal side effects. 

Where can you buy Baclofen Tablet? 

Buy Baclofen tablets online at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store. 


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