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What is Azarga eye drop used for?

Azarga Eye Drop is a prescription combination medicine that is used for the treatment of Occular hypertension (pressure in the eyes) and Glaucoma.

What is Azarga Eye Drop Composition?

Azarga Eye Drop contains;

•          Brinzolamide (10mg)

•          Timolol (5mg)

How does Azarga Eye Drop work?

Azarga eye drop works by decreasing the pressure of fluid in the eye known as aqueous humour. This helps in lowering the increased eye pressure.

Azarga Eye Drop Dosage

Apply a  drop of Azarga eye drop to the affected eye twice daily or use as prescribed by your physician.

How to use Azarga Eye Drop

•          Azarga eye drop is for external use only.

•          Wash your hands thoroughly before using the eye drops.

•          Remove the medicine cap and place it in a clean place.

•          To avoid possible contamination, keep the tip of the medicine container away from contact with any surface.

•          Tilt your head backwards and look towards the ceiling with your index finger, gently pull your lower eyelid down and away from the eye to form a pouch and wipe off any extra

•          Apply one drop of Azarga eye drop into the pouch by gently pressing on the base of the bottle.

•          Do not allow the tip of the medicine container to touch your eye or areas around the eye.

•          Use Azarga eye drop at least 5 minutes before or after any other eye drops have been used.

How long does it take for Azarga Eye Drop to work?

Azarga eye drops start to work a few hours after use but it might take about one to two weeks to see its full effect.

What are the side effects of Azarga Eye Drop?

Common side effects of Azarga eye drop include; Itching, Irritation, Stinging sensation, Burning sensation in the eye, Blurred vision, Eye redness and Taste change.

Azarga Eye Drop Price

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