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What is Avrocid susp used for?

Avrocid susp is an antacid used for the treatment of symptoms of too much stomach acid which include; Stomach upset, Heartburn, and Acid indigestion. Avrocid susp is also used for relieving symptoms of extra gas which include; belching, bloating, and feelings of pressure or discomfort in the stomach or gut. Avrocid susp Is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

Avrocid Susp Ingredient

Avrocid susp contains;

•          Activated Methyl Polysiloxane,

•          Aluminium Hydroxide and

•          Magnesium Hydroxide as active ingredients

How does Avrocid susp work?

Avrocid susp works by neutralizing the acid in the stomach thereby providing relief from flatulence and also preventing gastroesophageal reflux.

Avrocid susp Dosage

Adults and Children 12 years and older: Take 10ml to 20ml of Avrocid Susp four times a day or as prescribed by your physician.

How to Use Avrocid Susp

•          Follow your doctor or pharmacist’s prescription for the right dose for your medical condition

•          Shake the Avrocid susp bottle very well before you take it.

•          Measure the right quantity using the measuring cap that comes with the medication.

•          Do not measure with a household spoon so as to get accurate results.

•          Do not overdose on Avrocid susp

What are the side effects of Avrocid susp?

Common side effects of Avrocid Susp include; Diarrhoea or constipation, flatulence (wind), stomach cramps, and feeling sick or vomiting.

What happens when you take an overdose of Avrocid Susp?

Overdose of Avrocid Susp leads to serious side effects such as;

•          Constipation,

•          Diarrhea,

•          Change in the colour of bowel movements, and

•          Stomach cramps.

How long does it take for Avrocid susp to work?

Avrocid Susp takes effect instantly after taking the dose but it works best if taken 30 minutes before eating.

Avrocid Susp Precaution

Before taking Avrocid susp, inform your doctor if you’re allergic to Simethicone, Aluminum hydroxide, or Magnesium. Also, Inform your doctor about any other health conditions or medications you are taking

Avrocid Susp price

Avrocid susp price is listed in, Nigeria’s online largest pharmacy store.


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