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What is Avamys Nasal spray used for?

Avamys nasal spray is used for the treatment of symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal passages caused by allergic reactions which result in; a runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, itchy nose, and watery, itchy or red eyes. Avamys nasal spray is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Avamys Nasal Spray composition?

Avamys nasal spray contains Fluticasone furoate as the active ingredient.

How does Avamys Nasal Spray work?

Avamys Nasal Spray contains Fluticasone furoate. Fluticasone furoate belongs to a group of medications known as corticosteroids (steroids) that work by decreasing inflammation caused by allergy (rhinitis).

Avamys Nasal Spray Dosage.

For Adults and Adolescents aged 12 years and above: Use 2 sprays in each nostril once daily or as prescribed by your physician.

How to use Avamys Nasal Spray.

•          Follow carefully all the instructions written inside the Avamys Nasal Spray package insert.

•          Always check the Avamys Nasal Spray package insert for any specific instructions.

•          Preferably, use the Avamys Nasal Spray at the same time each day for best results.

For how long can Avamys Nasal Spray be used?

Do not use Avamys Nasal Spray continuously for more than a month without speaking to a doctor or pharmacist if symptoms don’t go away.

How long does it take for Avamys Nasal Spray to start working?

Avamys nasal spray is usually effective within 8 to 24 hours of use though its full effect may not be seen until several days after first use.

What are the Side Effects of Avamys Nasal Spray?

The most common side effects of using Avamys nasal spray is

•          Nosebleeds: it is minor side effects that occur when you use Avamys nasal spray is used for more than 6 weeks continuously.

•          Nose ulcers

•          Nasal irritation in the nose.

•          Streaks of bloodstains when you blow your nose

•          Headache

•          Shortness of breath

Uncommon side effects of using Avamys Nasal Spray include;

•          Pain inside the nose

•          A sting or burning sensation in the nose

•          Soreness of the nose

•          Dryness on the inside of the nose

Very rare side effects of Avamys Nasal Spray include;

•          perforations or small holes in the ridge inside the nose that separates the nostrils.

Avamys Nasal Spray Price

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