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What is Atopshield forte used for?

Atopshield forte is used for Dry skin Atopic dermatitis which is an all form of skin allergies such as; contact dermatitis and eczematous states. Atopshield forte is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy in Lagos.

How does Atopshield forte work?

Atopshield Forte work by forming a barrier between the skin and external irritating substances thereby protecting the epidermis and keeping the skin physiologically hydrated.

Atopshield forte also acts by forming a real protective shield on the skin thereby restoring the skin’s natural barrier function. This gives rapid relief from inflammation and itching.

How to apply Atopshield forte.

Atopshield forte should be applied every 6 hrs or as required to the affected skin area.

Atopshield forte comes in a form of Cream 40ml and Lotion 100ml

Atopshield forte precautions

  • Avoid contact of Atopshield with the eyes.
  • It may cause discomfort on first application to an irritated skin.
  • Atopshield forte should not be taken by mouth.
  • Do not wash the infected area immediately after applying Atopshield forte.

What are the Side Effects of using Atopshield forte?

Common side effects of Atopshield forte include; Easy bruising, Mild rash, Changes in skin color, Dryness, itching, Stinging.

Can Pregnant and Breastfeeding mother use Atopshield forte?

Consult your physician before using Atopshield forte in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

How long does it take for Atopshield forte to work?

Atopshield forte should be applied every 6hrs to the affected skin area as the barrier effect of Atopshield Forte is stronger in the first 6 hours.

Atopshield forte Price

Atopshield forte Price is listed on, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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