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Astyfer blood builder Syrup is a superior blood builder that contains a gentle iron supplement with amino acids and vitamin B complex that is used in the treatment of iron deficiency Anaemia. It aids in the fast formation of blood cells in the body while remaining gentle on the stomach. Astyfer blood builder syrup is available in Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a condition in which the level of red blood cells in the body or the level of haemoglobin is lower than normal.

What are the symptoms of Anaemia?

Symptoms of Anaemia include;

•          Fatigue

•          Breathlessness

•          Frequent headaches

•          Palpitations

•          Loss of appetite

What are the uses of Astyfer blood builder Syrup?

Astyfer blood builder Syrup is used for the treatment of;

•          Iron deficiency anaemia

•          Liver protection

•          Iron deficiency anaemia,

•          Cardiovascular diseases

•          Allergic reactions

•          Herpes simplex infections

•          Skin prick testing

•          Enlarged prostate gland

•          Mental disorder

•          Ischemic stroke and other conditions.

Astyfer Blood Builder Syrup Composition

Astyfer blood builder Syrup contains these active ingredients;

•          Fe Fumarate

•          Glycine

•          Histamine

•          Lysine

•          Thiamine

•          Vitamins: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid,

•          Vitamin C.

Astyfer Blood Builder Syrup Dosage

Adult 12 years and above: Take two teaspoonfuls (10 ml) twice (12 hourly) daily or as directed by your physician.

Astyfer blood builder syrup dosage may be adjusted according to your response to the medication.

How to use Astyfer Blood Builder Syrup

•          Take astyfer syrup by mouth before or after a meal as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

•          Astyfer blood builder Syrup dose for children, is based on weight and medical condition of the child.

•          Do not take Astyfer blood builder syrup more often or increase your dose without first consulting your doctor. Taking an overdose will not improve the condition any faster and this might increase the risk of serious side effects.

What are the Side Effects of Astyfer Blood Builder Syrup?

Common side effects of Astyfer blood builder Syrup include:

•          Allergic rejection

•          Abdominal cramps

•          Bitter taste in the mouth

•          Nausea

•          Vomiting

•          Frequent watery stool

•          Dark-coloured stool

Is Astyfer Blood Builder Syrup safe in pregnancy?

In Pregnancy, Astyfer syrup helps to maintain the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin so as to support the increased demand for blood as the baby grows.

Where to Buy Astyfer Blood Builder syrup?

Astyfer syrup can be purchased at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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