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What is Assured Nasal Decongestant used for?

Assured nasal decongestant provides short-term relief for a blocked or stuffy nose (nasal congestion). It helps to ease symptoms of colds and flu, hay fever and other allergic reactions, catarrh and sinusitis. Assured Nasal Decongestant is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store.

Assured Nasal Decongestant Ingredient

It contains Phenylephrine Hydrochloride as the active ingredient.

How does Assured Nasal Decongestant work?

Consult with your doctor about how long it may be before you see an improvement in your congestion. Some nasal sprays take up to 2 weeks to work.

Assured Nasal Decongestant Dosage.

Adults and children 12 years and above: take 1 tablet every 4 hours.

Children below 12 years: Consult your physician before administering

Do not take Assured nasal decongestant more than 6 tablets in 24 hours. Children under 12 years- ask a doctor.

What are the Side Effects of taking an Assured Nasal Decongestant?

Common side effects of taking Assured nasal decongestant include;

Anxiousness, Insomnia, Tachycardia and dysrhythmias, Elevated blood pressure, Palpitations, tremors, and Urinary retention.

Is it safe to take a decongestant every day?

Taking a decongestant can temporarily ease nasal congestion, but it can also create a slight increase in your blood pressure.

Who should not take Assured Nasal Decongestant?

•          People with an overactive thyroid gland.

•          Diabetics.

•          People with closed-angle glaucoma.

•          People with high blood pressure.

•          People with severe disease of the arteries of the heart.

•          Those with an enlarged prostate.

Are Nasal decongestants harmful?

Taking an oral decongestant can temporarily help to ease congestion, but it can also create an increase in your blood pressure and blood sugar, it can aggravate glaucoma or urinary conditions, can increase seizure risk, and affect heart conditions.

Where to buy Assured Nasal Decongestant

Assured Nasal Decongestant can be purchased online at, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.


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