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Assured Chest Rub is used as a cough suppressant and a topical analgesic. Assured Chest Rub is can be purchased online at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

Assured Chest Rub ingredients

Assured Chest Rub contains these active Ingredients;

•          Camphor 4.8%

•          Eucalyptus Oil 1.2%

•          Menthol 2.6%

What is Assured Chest Rub used for?

•          It is used on the chest and throat to provide temporal relief from cough due to common cold

•          It is used on muscles and joints for the temporal relief of minor aches and pains.

How to Apply Assured chest Rub

To relieve Cough; Simply rub a thick layer of Assured Chest Rub on your chest and throat.

To relieve muscle/joint minor aches and pains:  Assured Chest Rub may be applied to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.

Is Assured Chest Rub safe to use in Children?

Assured Chest Rub is safe to use in Adults and Children above 2 years. 

What are the Side Effects of Assured Chest Rub?

Side Effects that may occur from using Assured Chest Rub are allergic reactions which include;

•          Hives

•          Difficulty in breathing;

•          Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat

Assured Chest Rub precautions.

•          Assured Chest Rub is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

•          Do not use Assured Chest Rub by mouth.

•          Do not put in nostrils and on wounds or damaged skin with tight bandages

•          Consult your doctor before using Assured Chest Rub if you coughing with too much phlegm (mucus)

•          Consult your doctor before using Assured Chest Rub if you have persistent coughs such as occurs with smoking, asthma or emphysema.

•          Do not heat, microwave or add hot water to Assured Chest Rub as this may result in splattering and result in burns.

•          If muscle aches and pains persist for more than 7 days, stop using Assured Chest Rub and consult your Doctor.

•          Consult your doctor if your cough occurs with fever, rash or persistent headache.

•          Assured Chest Rub should be Kept out of reach of children.

Is Assured Chest Rub safe to use in Pregnancy and Lactation?

Consult your doctor or pharmacist If you are pregnant or breast-feeding before taking Assured Chest Rub m

Where to buy Assured Chest Rub?

Assured Chest Rub can be purchased in, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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