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Asphage-G is a medication that is an antidiabetic drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It is used in addition to proper dieting, and exercise and in combination with other drugs to treat type 2 diabetes. It belongs to the class of medication called Biguanides. Asphage-G is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which there’s a high blood sugar level in the body due to improper production or use of insulin in the body.

What is Asphage-G used for?

•          Asphage-G is used in combination with sulphonylureas to lower the total cholesterol levels in the blood.

•          Asphage-G is used to reduce the high blood sugar level in the blood due to improper production or use of insulin in the body

•          Asphage-G increases the response of the body to insulin.

Asphage-G Composition

Asphage-G contains Metformin hydrochloride and Gliclazide as its active ingredients.

How does Asphage-G work?

Asphage-G contains Metformin hydrochloride and Gliclazide as its active ingredients. Metformin and Gliclazide are antihyperglycemic agents which work by improving glucose tolerance in patients with type 2 diabetes thereby lowering the amount of glucose in the body.

Asphage-G Dosage.

Asphage-G comes in strengths of 500mg, 850mg and 1000mg respectively.

Adult dose: Take an initial dose of 850 mg once a day or 500 mg twice a day with food. Asphage-G should not be more than 2550 mg in a day or as directed by your physician

How to use Asphage-G.

•          Asphage-G should be used as prescribed by your physician.

•          Asphage-G should be consumed with meals two or three times a day.

•          Asphage-G is consumed usually in the evening.

•          Keep this medication out of reach of children.

What are the Side Effects of Asphage-G?

Common side effects of Asphage-G include;

•          Nausea

•          Vomiting

•          Stomach upset

•          Diarrhea

•          Gas

•          Weakness

•          A metallic taste in the mouth.

What are the two most common Side Effects of taking Metformin?

The most common side effects are;

•          Nausea

•          Vomiting,

•          Diarrhea

 These common side effects usually go away over time. It can be reduced by taking metformin with a meal.

What food should not be taken with Metformin?

You should avoid eating high-fibre foods after taking metformin because Metformin levels decrease when taken with large amounts of fibre.

What Vitamins should not be taken with Asphage-G?

Although, no interactions have been found between metformin and Vitamins. It is, however, of importance that you consult with your physician before taking  Asphage -G alongside any vitamin.

Asphage-G Price

Asphage-G’s price is listed in, Nigeria’s online largest pharmacy store.


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