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What is Asacol used for?

Asacol is an anti-inflammatory medication used in the treatment of Ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is a disease of the colon (large bowel) and rectum (back passage) in which the lining of the bowel becomes red and swollen (inflamed). Asacol is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

Asacol Ingredient.

Asacol contains Mesalazine ( 5-aminosalicylic acid) as the active ingredient.

How does Asacol work?

Asacol contains Mesalazine as the active substance. Mesalazine is an anti-inflammatory drug. Mesalazine belongs to a class of medications known as aminosalicylates. It works by decreasing swelling and inflammation in the colon.

What are the benefits of taking Asacol? Asacol helps to reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis which include; Diarrhea, Rectal bleeding, and Stomach pain.

Asacol Dosage

Take the Asacol tablet as prescribed by your physician on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

How fast does Asacol start to work?

Asacol starts working to reduce inflammation in the bowel a few hours after you take your first dose. However, it might take a few weeks before you notice relief in your symptoms

What are the Side Effects of Asacol?

Common side effects of Asacol include Mild nausea, Vomiting, Stomach cramps, Diarrhea, Gas, Fever, Sore throat, Flu-like symptoms, Constipation, Headache, Dizziness, Tiredness or Skin rash.

Is Asacol safe in Pregnancy and Lactation?

•          Consult your doctor if you are pregnant before taking Asacol although Asacol is not expected to be harmful to a fetus.

•          Asacol can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby therefore Consult your doctor before taking Asacol while breastfeeding.

Asacol Price in Nigeria

Asacol Price is listed on, Nigeria’s online largest pharmacy store.


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