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What is Aromasin used for?

Aromasin is prescription medication used in the treatment of early and advanced breast cancer in women who are past menopause. Aromasin contains exemestane as the active ingredient. Aromasin belongs to the class of drugs called Antineoplastics, Aromatase Inhibitor. Aromasin is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online Pharmacy store in Lagos.

What are the benefits of using Aromasin?

  • Aromasin is used in the treatment of certain types of breast cancer such as hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer in women after menopause.
  •  Aromasin contains exemestane, which is used to help prevent the cancer from returning.

How does Aromasin work?

Aromasin works by reducing estrogen in the body. It does this by preventing other hormones from turning into estrogen in the body thereby helping to limit the growth of the tumor in the body since many breast cancer tumors grow in response to estrogen.

How fast does Aromasin work in the body?

Aromasin contains exemestane as an active ingredient. Exemestane is quickly absorbed from the gut, but it undergoes a strong first-pass effect in the liver. Highest blood plasma concentrations are reached after 1.2 hours in breast cancer patients and after 2.9 hours in healthy patients. The maximal aromatase inhibition time occurs after two to three days.

How do you take Aromasin?

The recommended dose of Aromasin in patients with early and advanced breast cancer is one 25 mg tablet once daily after a meal.

Do not take Aromasin with a high-fat meal, as this can increase it levels in your blood

What are the Side Effects of Aromasin?

Serious side effects of Aromasin include; Unusual bone pain, Swelling in your hands or feet, Feeling short of breath, Chest pain, Sudden numbness or weakness, Sudden headache, Confusion, and problems with vision, speech or balance.

Common Side Effects of Aromasin include; Hot flashes, Headache, Tiredness, Joint pain, Nausea, Increased appetite, Insomnia and increased sweating.

What time of the day is the best to take Aromasin?

Aromasin tablet should be taken once a day after meal. It should be taken around the same time every day.

For how long can you take Aromasin?

The use of exemestane depends on your individual circumstances and your physician prescription but exemestane is usually taken for a period of five to ten years. Some people start using exemestane after a few years of taking the hormone therapy drug tamoxifen.

Aromasin Price in Nigeria

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