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Are You Working From Home?

It is no longer news that due to the recent global health issue, many people have to stay at home to maintain social distance. While sadly some businesses have closed, some have asked their employees to work from home. 

Do you have to work from home this period? Is it seeming difficult to be as productive as you were at work? 

A couple of things that might help;

Have a schedule. This will give your day some kind of structure and you need that. If possible, have it planned at least a day before. You do not want to end the day wondering what you did with all that time.

Communicate with your employer/boss as often as possible. Let them know what task you are working on. Being out of sight should not make you less accountable. 

Create a makeshift ergonomic workspace. Ergonomic problems can be solved by adjusting, modifying or rearranging existing furniture. The adjustment can be as simple as placing a pillow behind your back to support the curve of your spine or making your screen farther from your eyes.  Ergonomic workspaces have been shown to improve productivity and prevent health issues such as chronic back pain.

Remember to take little breaks where you get to stand up, stretch your legs and be away from your screen. Also, have a closing time. Do not work round the clock just because you are not actually leaving your current location.

It is easy to get frustrated and negative about the entire situation but that helps no one. Pay attention to your mental health and stay positive.

While you are at home, you can always order for your medications and medical supplies on or call/message 08060801979 and have them delivered to you wherever you are.

We will get through this.

Stay healthy! 


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