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Andrea Hair Growth Essence

What is Andrea Hair Growth Essence?

Andrea Hair Growth Essence is a treatment for hair loss restoration which has been designed to help fill in thinner hair, to repair hair damage and to enable longer and stronger hair growth.

 Andrea Hair Growth Essence is specially prepared from natural ingredients which includes; Ginger, Ginseng, Loca festival, Fleeceflower root and Grape seed oil.

What are the uses of Andrea Hair Growth Essence?

Some uses of Andrea hair growth essence includes;

  • For slow hair growth.
  • For loss of hair strands.
  • For dryness and hair breakage
  • For hair scalps with dandruff

How does Andrea Hair Growth Essence works?

Andrea Hair Growth Essence works by reversing chemical damage to the hair and also helps with getting through the thinning process of the hair.

It  also moisturizes the hair which is brittle and provides the hair with a lot of additional perks.

Andrea Hair Growth Essence Side effects

Andrea hair Growth Essence is made from natural ingredients such as; Ginger, Ginseng, Loca festival, Fleeceflower root and Grape seed oil hence no sides effects except for one contraindication which is individual tolerance to any of the natural ingredients.

To know if an individual is tolerant to Andrea Hair growth Essence, a little bit of it should be put on the elbow for 30 minutes. The absence of allergic reactions such as itching, redness, discomfort shows that an individual is tolerant  to Andrea Hair growth Essence.

How to apply Andrea Hair Growth Essence

How to apply on Hair

  • 4-6 drops of Andrea hair growth essence should be mixed with shampoo, then it should be massaged onto the scalp for 3 minutes so as to ensure the essence is absorbed well on the scalp.
  • For easy usage, 3-6 ml Hair Growth Essence should be added Into 100ml Shampoo whether Natural or Organic shampoo and it should be mix evenly. It should be Used as normal to the hair massaging the Scalp with Fingertips within 2-3 Min.
  • Then it should be rinsed off With Warm Water. It can be used as daily hair wash.

How to apply on the Beard:

  • Andrea hair growth essence should be applied directly on the desired part where  the beard is expected to grow.
  • It should be massaged for 2-3 min.
  • Then it should be rinse off With Warm Water.

Where to buy Andrea Hair Growth Essence in Nigeria

Andrea Hair growth Essence can be purchased at a lisenced pharmacy or a supermarket. It can also be purchased online at

Andrea Hair Growth Essence Review

Andrea hair growth essence have been bought by many people who have found it highly effective in restoration of loss hair and scalp repair.

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