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Anastrozole is a medication used in the treatment of early hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It is also used for the first-line treatment of hormone receptor-positive or hormone receptor-unknown advanced or metastatic breast cancer i.e. cancer that has spread within the breast or to other part of the body.  Anastrozole is available at Drugstore Nigeria, an online Pharmacy store in Lagos.

How does Anastrozole tab works in the body?

Anastrozole tab is in a class of medications called nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors which works by decreasing the amount of estrogen that the body makes. Low estrogen can slow or stop the growth of different types of breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow in the body.

What are the uses of Anastrozole Tab?

  • Anastrozole tab is used to prevent breast cancer in women who are likely to be in high risk of developing the disease.
  • Anastrozole tab is used alongside other treatments such as surgery or radiation, in the treatment of early breast cancer in women who have experienced menopause (end of monthly menstrual periods).
  • It is also used in the treatment of breast cancer in women whose breast cancer has worsened after taking tamoxifen.

Anastrozole Tab Dosage

Anastrozole Tab should be taken as prescribed by your physician.

How to use Anastrozole Tab.

Anastrozole tab should be taken by mouth.

 Anastrozole tab is usually taken once a day with or without food around the same time every day.

You should follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and also consult your physician if you have any question.

How long does it take for Anastrozole tab to work?

Anastrozole tab will immediately start to work by reducing the amount of estrogen in the body. However, it takes several weeks or months for Anastrozole to fully work.

What are the Side Effects of Anastrozole Tab?

Common  ide effects of Anastrozole tab includes;

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  •  Headache
  • Pain.

Other severe side effects of Anastrozole includes;

  • High blood pressure,
  • High cholesterol
  •  Lymphedema, and
  • Osteoporosis (brittle bones).

Anastrozole tab Precaution

Anastrozole tab can be absorbed through the skin and lungs hence it may harm an unborn baby. Anastrozole should not be used by women who are pregnant or lactating mothers.

Anastrozole may make you dizzy.  Do not drive or use any machinery while taking this drug.

Consult your doctor before using Anastrozole If you are allergic to any of its ingredient.

Anastrozole tab price

Anastrozole can be purchased at, Nigeria’s largest online Pharmacy store.

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