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What is absorbent cotton wool used for?

Absorbent cotton wool is used as surgical dressings to absorb body fluids. It can also be used for sanitary napkins or pads and cosmetic purposes. Absorbent cotton wool serves different purposes – for treating wounds, applying facial care products and removing make up.

Where is absorbent cotton used?

An absorbent cotton is used in surgeries and other medical purposes because of its softness and high fluid absorbency. It is used to clean wounds, prevent leakages and apply liquid medications to injuries.

Absorbent Cotton Wool 500g

Absorbent Cotton Wool is available in 500g size on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy in Nigeria. It is non-irritant, highly absorbent and has a smooth texture.

Does Cotton Wool Absorb Water?

Absorbent cotton wool is thick and has a soft touch. However, it has a weak water absorption and a huge amount would be needed when used to absorb water. 

How do you use cotton wool for babies?

Cotton wool can be used to clean babies instead of baby wipes. It is commonly used in topping and tailing a child instead of a bath. It can also be used to keep the umbilical cord stump clean before it falls off.

Absorbent Cotton Wool Price

Absorbent Cotton Wool is available in 500g size on, the largest online pharmacy in Nigeria.

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