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5 Interesting Health Benefits of Being a Woman

Women are arguably one of the best things on planet earth. In most homes, women are seen to be hardworking, supporting and encouraging and always looking out for everybody’s health. Some are even breadwinners, even in this part of the world. If anyone is sick, it is the mother or the mother-figure in the house. It takes a very healthy person to take care of others. These are the following health benefits of being a woman:  

  • Women have a better sense of smell


You don’t agree? Argue with the pots and pans in your kitchen. Women have sharper odor detection compared to men. According to a study, women have up to 50% more cells in their olfactory lobe (the first region of the brain to receive signals about odors). A random theory also states that women are better sniffers because they are able to prevent their offsprings from infections and diseases.

  • Women are better at remembering things

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The North Always Remembers. Women always remember. Have you ever got into an argument with a woman, and she starts recalling the day, hour, seconds and milliseconds you said something? They are just better at remembering things. According to, A 2014 Norwegian study of about 37,000 people from the journal BMC Psychology thinks the female brain recalls better than the men’s

  • Women live longer

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Women rule when it comes down to longevity, and there is nothing the men can do about it. According to the US National Center for Health Statistics, this might be because women have lower rates of heart diseases compared to men, and the stronger social ties to family and friends.

  • Women have lesser risks of heart attack

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Yes! A man’s odds of developing a heart disease begins in his 40s while that of the women begins in her 50s.10 years difference. Lifestyle choices, like eating healthier, exercising seems to have additional protective benefits for the women.

  • Women are less likely to become alcoholics

Research says one reason why men are more at risk of becoming alcoholics has to do with the level of dopamine in the men’s brain compared to the women. Men drinkers have greater dopamine release than women drinkers in the area of the brain called ventral striatum, which is strongly associated with pleasure and addiction formation. On the other hand, women are more likely to be depressed than men.


This is us at Drugstore celebrating Women, today, March 8th, International Women’s Day. Happy International Women’s Day to all the Women out there.



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