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3 Tips for Managing Stress

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed lately? You are not alone! With the day-to-day rigor, inexcusable responsibilities, physical demands of everyday life, stress is inevitable. Though stress is a normal part of life, if not properly managed, it can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Here are three helpful tips for managing stress

#1. Identify and eliminate your stress triggers
Everyone has a stress trigger(s). These could be job demands, financial crisis, illness, or even agitations from your loved ones. Identify your stressors, then make plans to lessen or eliminate them.

#2. Exercise
As funny as it sounds, exercise and physical activity have proven effective in relieving stress. Take a walk, run, jog awhile, or channel your energy towards physical activity.

#3. Talk to someone about your problems
A problem shared is half-solved. When you notice you are stressed, it helps to talk to your family, your friends, your doctor, or someone you trust about how you feel.

Stay Healthy!

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