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3 Coping Tips for Chronic Pain

Have you constantly felt pain in any area of your body that seems like it would never go away? That severe or mild pain that has lingered for more than 3-6 months is called Chronic pain. It may be steady or intermittent and can occur in nearly any part of your body. It is often an after-effect of nerve damage from injuries and certain underlying health conditions.

Chronic pain can limit mobility, flexibility and general quality of life. Presently, about 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain.The severity and frequency of chronic pain can differ among individuals, and although there is no known cure for chronic pain, it can however be managed. Here are 3 simple tips for coping with chronic pain;

  1. Early diagnosis 

Visit your medical doctor and have a proper diagnosis of the cause of the pain. Medications can be recommended to help reduce or manage the pain.

  1.  Identify stress triggers that can increase chronic pain 

The psychological side effects of living with chronic pain can be as debilitating as the pain itself, however recognizing and reducing stress triggers for the pain can help lessen the pain without medications.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise helps you maintain your mobility, keeps your muscles active and prevents disuse syndrome- a condition in which the muscles become weak from inactivity.

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